Your Rights

Your Rights

Individuals with disabilities are entitled to the same rights as other members of their community. These rights include freedom, respect, equality, and dignity, as well as the ability to fulfil their potential, control their lives, and live without abuse or neglect. Given their vulnerability, specific laws have been enacted to safeguard the rights of individuals with disabilities.


As a participant with Home and Care, you have certain rights that must be respected and upheld. These include the right to expect high-quality services that meet NDIS standards, services tailored to the individual needs that allow you to engage in culturally appropriate activities you enjoy and help achieve your goals, and prompt and efficient service from all Home and Care staff.


You also have the right to be open and honest, to express your opinions without fear of retribution, and to be informed and updated about Home and Care services, policies, and procedures that relate to service delivery and your care plan. In addition, you have the right to privacy and dignity, and to work with trained staff who uphold these values.


Furthermore, you have the right to be free from abuse, neglect, violence, and injury, and to feel safe and secure. If necessary, you have the right to an advocate who can speak on your behalf and the right to the least restrictive alternative when addressing behavioural issues that may pose a risk to yourself or others.


As an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, you have the right to feel empowered by your own culture and to have your cultural needs met.



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