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Support for Travel & Transport

Home and Care disability services offer participants and their carers transportation services to hospitals, doctor’s appointments, social visits, and shopping. Our dedicated staff utilizes fully insured and safe automobiles or our own buses equipped with hoists.


The transportation service provided by Home and Care is designed to enable participants to access various services that facilitate their engagement in daily life activities, social interactions, community involvement, and economic pursuits. To enhance our services further, Assis-travel encompasses a range of options, including special transport arrangements, Uber, or taxis. This service is available to participants who require assistance due to their disability or inability to travel alone or access other forms of transportation.

Why Choose US

  • At Home and Care, we prioritize your personal goals when planning your travel and transportation needs, ensuring that you receive the necessary support to move around and participate in activities.
  • We carefully match you with a dedicated team member who will familiarize themselves with your travel requirements and work closely with you to meet them every time.
  • Home and Care maintains a modern fleet of vehicles and offers various solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you require a wheelchair-accessible vehicle or one of our personal vehicle, we have the right option for you.
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